Host Your Own Stamp Camp!

Hosting your own Stamp Camp is another way to hold a workshop and earn free hostess goodies with an emphasis on creating projects rather than buying product. When you host your own Stamp Camp, you take pre-orders for specific camp kits. We place your order for the supplies needed and you get to keep the stamps, inks and punches that are used to create the projects! You may also earn additional hostess benefits by collecting outside orders if you like.  This type of party or stamp camp is not like a standard workshop, but hostesses can still earn free goodies and often earn more than they would on a standard workshop. They are a little extra work, so hostesses appreciate the extra goodies!

  • You and your guests pay a stamp camp fee and create multiple projects, unlike a standard workshop where you do a make and take and purchase product.
  • You choose the card designs and you can earn the stamps, inks and tools used to make the projects based on number of kits ordered .
  • The more guests you have (or card kits sold), the more you earn.
  • The Stamp Camp fee is usually $25 and the card kits contain everything you need, precut, to create 25 cards
  • Hostesses can earn a Stamp Kit (Stamp set and Inks used to make the cards) with each 4 card kits purchased.
  • You can earn additional hostess goodies on outside orders including your own, when we order the items needed for your party.
  • These workshops usually take longer than a typical workshop and last anywhere from 4 hours or more. I instruct you  and your guests on how to make the projects and then you can take as long as you like to finish or even schedule more than one session if you like. If you are long distance, you can still host this type of workshop. You will receive instruction from me on how to handle everything and I’ll still pre-cut everything and send it to you.
  • These are the only type of parties I schedule on weekends.
  • These types of workshops are perfect for my online customers who don’t live near me.
  • All camp fees and outside orders are collected in advance and then we place your order 7-10 business days before your event date.

Contact me for more details and to set up your own personal Stamp Camp today! 918-827-6148 or


Please Note*** The Way that I am handling this type of workshop has changed! Now hostesses can have as few as 4 participants or kit sales to hold this workshop. There are three card designs in each level for each stamp set/ink package earned. With every 4 kits sold, hostesses can earn additional stamps and inks or tools. She will choose three designs either from the same stamp set or additional stamp sets earned as her kit sales go higher. Level two designs will earn tools beyond the stamps and inks earned with level one packages. For example…..

Hostesses with 4 kit sales can choose one stamp set and will earn the stamps and inks needed for the 3 designs offered for that set.

Hostesses with 8 kit sales can choose an additional stamp set package and can then choose 3 designs from the 6 designs offered at level one for those two sets.

Hostesses with 12 kit sales can choose an additional stamp set package OR can choose a level two design from the sets already earned and will earn the additional tools needed for the level 2 design.

There will be a TOTAL of 3 designs offered for the workshop, either from the same set or the additional sets earned. As before, outside sales or hostess orders will be applied to your party order and hostesses may earn additional hostess benefits from those extra sales if their total order exceeds the $150 minimum.

Choose from these card, tag and packaging designs

Each Stamp a Stack Kit is $25 for 5 stacks. Each stack is 5 cards of a single design unless otherwise noted. Kits can be split between guest participants but hostess rewards are based on the number of kits ordered.

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